Viva forever: Quiz

The Spice Girls aren’t the only ones preparing for their comeback tour as England has now lifted the majority of its restrictions. 480 days after we went into lockdown measures we’re, rather tentatively, moving forwards.
Dinner plans are in the diary. Some are thinking about holidays. And my friend (who like many others who had to wait) is finally getting married in a couple of weeks and 2 shall become 1. Yet there has been a rather anticlimactic feel to so-called ‘freedom day’. With high cases, over half a million people alerted to isolate, and many still suffering the effects of the pandemic, any cause for celebration feels somewhat subdued.
The bride is also celebrating her birthday next week. For fear of coming into contact with the virus before the big day and having her wedding plans thwarted once again she won’t be celebrating with friends and family in person. Instead we’ve returned to technology. It’s going to be a Zoom birthday, and it all feels a little nostalgic. Nothing serious, we’re playing games and we’ll have a chat. I’ve certainly experienced Zoom fatigue, but funnily enough it’s probably the event in my diary that I’m currently most looking forward to. 
There’s a new feeling of ennui in the air. Worried it's going too fast, racing so hard you know it won't last. We are constantly calculating risks, even subconsciously. Weighing up our need for human connection, our freedom, concerns about our health, and so on, against the tidal wave of worrying press we’re exposed to. We’re still, despite recent advances, experiencing frustration, guilt and unease. We don’t want to get our hopes up, we’re worried about disappointment. Which is why I suppose the idea of playing a game of Articulate online suddenly feels so exciting to me again. A throwback to (oddly) simpler times. There’s a sense of safety and of control, the risks of being disappointed are so delightfully minimal. Are the intentions set out for ‘freedom day’ a serious relationship or a summer fling? 
So with all that in mind and still weighing on we continue to navigate through ever changing expectations and challenges, how do we prepare for our very own comeback tour?
Try our Spice Girls inspired quiz to help you plan yours!
Who do you think you are?
  1. Lockdown was…
a) A horror - it never should have happened
b) A really hard time, but it was for the greater good
c) Had its ups and downs, but I’m hoping that’s the end of restrictions going forward
d) I made the best of it, and even achieved some things I wouldn’t have otherwise done
e) My happy place. Urgh I suppose now I’ll need a good excuse for wanting to stay home
  1. What I missed most during lockdown was…
a) Going out and well...just doing things, normal things!
b) Seeing all my friends and family
c) My old routine
d) Travelling. Do I get to go on holiday yet?
e) 'Switching off' at the end of the day
  1. My lockdown health regime consisted of…
a) Does scoffing a packet of biscuits and a glass of wine every night count? For my mental health that is…
b) Zoom Zumba with my friends got me out of bed in the mornings
c) PE with Joe Wicks was great! Nice to have a bit of routine and when my gym went online I did loads of home workouts.
d) Walking - tried to get my 10,000 steps in and it was great to explore my local area a bit more
e) Self-care has never felt more important, I bought some lovely bath salts and I really got into Yoga with Adrienne
  1. My lockdown TV guilty pleasure binge was…
a) RuPaul’s Drag Race and The Masked Singer. Feel good escapism vibes, plus the outfits are amazing!
b) Didn’t watch much TV, seemed to spend most of my time chatting on Houseparty
c) All my old boxsets and probably everything that’s on Netflix? Hoping a new series, or some new episodes are released soon as I’ve run out of things to watch now.
d) Tiger King obvs - Who wasn’t lured in by the Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin (so bonkers you couldn’t make it up) dramatic feud?!
e) BBC News 24 (with the occasional bit of Disney +)
  1. The first thing I booked into my diary when the roadmap was announced was…
a) Dinner, cocktails and a dance, we’re finally going ‘out out’!
b) Brunch, and a spa trip
c) My marathon training schedule
d) Airbnb on the Cornish coast
e) I pencilled in a picnic with my family, fingers crossed the weather holds

Mostly A’s - Scary Spice

You can’t wait for all this to be over and you’re excited to finally get back some freedom. You’re looking forward to getting your old life back. You already have a strong sense of who you are and what you love, and now is the time again to move it, make it, groove it, shake it, and do more of what makes you happy. Be careful not to carry all your hopes of happiness in one basket, and in the rush of excitement lose all sense of balance. Practice noticing ‘what’s the best thing that’s happened today?,’ and keep asking yourself ‘what have I achieved for myself this week?’ Does anything surprising keep coming up? Think about how this new information might be helpful in how you approach your next goal and how you measure success.


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Mostly B’s - Posh Spice

You’ve really missed hanging out with your favourite people, and it feels exciting to see your social calendar filling up again. Friendship never ends, afterall. Being around others energises you and being online just doesn’t feel the same as connecting with someone IRL. It can be exhausting and often feels quite superficial unless you’re in person. Whatever medium you’re connecting with others on, think about how you can make those interactions more meaningful. What questions could you ask and what can you do to show you’re really listening to the answer?


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Mostly C’s - Sporty Spice

You like routine and having things to work towards. Your old routine has been thrown into complete chaos and recalibrating has felt tricky. You’re generally an organised person but having to adapt to so much change has at times felt overwhelming. It finally feels like things can start getting back on track, but you’re worried about how more change might affect your motivation. Slow it down, read the sign so you know just where you're going and take a moment to reflect on your achievements. Which of your characteristics, your values or what support from others have you found helpful, and how could they be helpful again?


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Mostly D’s - Ginger Spice

You enjoy an adventure and love trying new things. You’ve felt the nag of wanderlust, but nonetheless you’ve tried to use our government enforced period of rest as an opportunity to get stuck into a few things you’d been meaning to do for a while but hadn’t got round to. You’ve got lots of big plans in the pipeline, but you’re not sure where to start. You also want to make sure all the things you’ve learnt (whether that’s a new skill or a better understanding of who you are and what makes you tick) in lockdown are put to good use moving forward. Reflect on what you want, what you really, really want and what you could get better at saying ‘no’ to, so you can get better at saying ‘yes’ to yourself!


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Mostly E’s - Baby Spice 

Comfort and security are really important to you. You’re caring and empathetic, and sometimes it can all get a bit too much. A slower pace of life has been a welcome change, and you’ve really enjoyed being able to appreciate the little things more. A minimalist resurgence feels right. Moving forwards confidently for you is about maintaining connection with yourself whilst you reconnect with others. Think about how you can ensure you keep making time for yourself? Perhaps there’s a daily, weekly or monthly ritual you’d like to keep a special place for in your diary, and how can you set your spirit free and treat yourself more?


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Whoever you wannabe on the other side of lockdown, we’d love to help you find your zig-a-zig-ah.
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Image by Yiran Fu