What helps you feel more connected to yourself?

We’ve been making some good old-fashioned vox pops, asking people how they connect with themselves and getting some inspirational (and unexpected) answers.
At LifeClubs we are constantly experimenting to see what can help connect people to themselves and others—especially at the moment when we all need time to find out who we are post-Covid.
We’ve been training individuals in organisations to run our Connect (7-session) course. Below is just one of the many pieces of fabulous feedback we’ve had—this is from one of the hosts we trained at the Youth Justice Board:

I want to share the really positive feedback about your Connect course. Connect is an excellent term - pertinent in so many ways... connect the learning as the sessions build, connect to your own thoughts, beliefs, make-up, connect to others and so on. Credit to you and the design which flowed and built upon a solid foundation.

Connect workshops can be run online or face-to-face. Feedback from both has shown that the course creates increased engagement, motivation and productivity.
You can expect:
  • Course materials designed to increase self-awareness, build positivity and confidence 
  • To advance connections throughout your organisation thus reducing silos and increasing networking (not just in participating teams)
  • Your organisation navigating better through all times of change to prevent mental health decline
For those of us who have been joining teams with people we’ve hardly met, feeling pressure to bond and work productively as quickly as possible—connection with others seems incredibly relevant. 
This is a time when we not only need to work with others, but also need to look after ourselves to avoid experiencing those prevalent high levels of stress, anxiety and depression.
Please do get in touch to find out more. For the sake of your teams—don’t leave it too long.
We look forward to hearing from you,
Nina & team
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